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Web Developer Near Me

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Hiring the right developer is a pretty important decision. That person will be creating either a website, a web application, a software, or helping you build your entire online strategy. Many people start their initial search in google with "Web Developer Near Me" and hire the first comapny they stumble across. Norcal Web Designs specializes in Web Development but we want to make it easy for you to find the right developer - whether it's us or not. Hopefully this guide helps you pick the right developer for your web project.

In Sacramento Web Developers are a dime a dozen, so how do you find the right one?

How Much Should A Web Developer Cost in Sacramento?

One common Web Developer hiring question we get asked frequently is "How much should a web developer cost me?" - The going rate for Web Developers is $75-$200 an hour depending on their core skillset. Front End Web Developers are on the lower end of the scale where Back End Developers and Database Adminsitrators are on the higher end of the spectrum.

"Finding The Right Web Developer in Sacramento Can Be a Challenge For Some Businesses" says Norcal Web Designs Owner Joe Trusty

There are alot of talented web developers to choose from in the Sacramento area as well as your pick of talented outsources available on Upwork and other similar freelance hiring websites. So with so many options available you may be asking yourself a question: "How do I figure out how to hire the right web developer?" It's important not to make a selection based off price alone - remember, you get what you pay for as with everything.

To Find A Good Web Developer Test Their Development Knowledge

If you have a big project that you're trying to find the right person for, the very first thing you'll want to do is find out what type of website projects they've worked on in the past. When hiring a web developer we often ask a litany of questions ourselves: If they say they built a website, we ask them what was their role launching it and then embark on a series of other questions that help us form a complete picture of exactly what they did.

  • Did they work on front end development or back end development?

  • Were they responsible for the overall concept and direction of the website or did they receive their direction from someone else?

  • Did they manage a team?

  • What technologies did they use and how did they use them in the creation of the website?

  • What were the plans for scalability & growth?

These are all great questions to ask a web developer to test not only what they know, but what they worked on and in what capacity.

Ask Open Ended Web Development Questions

We also ask a web developer a series of open ended development related questions that give us an idea of a developers problem solving abilities and general technical knowledge. It's important to steer away from direct coding questions unless you plan on asking them to complete some sort of skills assessment exam that grades the answers, or you are technically proficient yourself, you'll have no way to gauge whether the answers they gave are accurate.

Here's a few good technical questions to ask a Web Developer. Ask a Web Developer these questions and then gauge their responses. It should give you a pretty good indication of their general level of web development knowledge, problem solving skills, and an insight as to who they are and who they strive to emulate.

8 Great Questions To Ask When Hiring a Web Developer

  1. How do you manage conflicts in a web application when different people are editing the same data?

  2. Which frameworks have you used, and in what capacity?

  3. Name a website or app that annoys you, what do you think is wrong with it?

  4. Can you name any differences between object-oriented design and component-based design?

  5. Have you ever been blamed for a coding mistake that wasn't your fault? What was your reaction?

  6. What CMS systems have you worked with and in what capacity?

  7. What is the difference between SOAP & REST?

  8. Who is your role model in the world of technology?

Sacramento Web Development & Web Design Experts

These are all great questions to ask when hiring a web developer. We hope that we've educated you somewhat and that if you're thinking of hiring a web developer and trying to find one in the Sacramento area, that you think of us. If you would like a free web development estimate from us, just drop us a line. We'd be happy to answer any of these questions and any more that you might have for us as it pertains to your project.

Web Development Service Area:

We provide onsite consulting and support throughout the Sacramento region as well as work on projects for local Sacramento business owners that hire outsource web developers.

  • Sacramento

  • West Sacramento

  • Citrus Heights

  • Rancho Cordova

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