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Search Engine Optimization Results in 95% Traffic Increase

One of the services we provide our customers is generating traffic for their websites using search engine optimization. Writing content for the search engines is a painstaking process that involves keyword research, competitive analysis, and creative writing. It's not just about stuffing a web page with a ton of keywords and headlines anymore. Google is smart enough to tell if your content stinks and if it does the rewards are almost a 1:1 ratio equal with the effort put in.

How We Generated Big SEO Results For A Dentist

One of our customers is located in Virgina and owns a Pediatric Dentist practice of four dental offices around the state. We've been working with them to improve their website traffic and ultimately trying to help them generate more appointments. One of the first initiatives that we were given was to improve the local search relevance for the dental practice in Burke, VA - the city where our clients business is located.

Keyword Research & Competitor Research

We began by researching who the Dentists in the local area were that already had a high search engine rank. We researched which Dental Practices had the most customer reviews and the highest ratings. We did a backlink profile to find out where those competitors traffic was coming from.

In the course of our search engine optimization research we compiled a list of possible keywords, the competition level for obtaining rank, and fed all the information into to track our wins over time. We identified the low hanging fruit first and made a list of what blog topics to focus on which would generate the most amount of traffic based off our research. The customer asked us to focus on a particular metro and we went to work.

Our search engine optimization process involved researching our topics thoroughly. We then wrote articles that answered many popular questions and search queries asked by people looking for a pediatric dentist. Our creative writing skills, coupled with creating videos and linking to authorative content have generated some serious improvements in their organic results.

Examing SEO Results In A 30 Day Period

30 Days In - Organic Traffic Is Up 95%

Pediatric Dentists - Went from page 4 of Google to Page 1 / #3 in Google Map Pack

Ranking on Page 1 for Pediatric Dentist, Baby Dentist, Childs Dentist

How Can You Tell SEO Is Working? Your Leads Will Tell You

These results aren't atypical of the type of traffic improvements our work generates. Very often, your average SEO company will tell you that it will take 3-6 months before their work starts to generate results. This isn't true with our work. Roughly 30 days into an SEO cycle you can "feel" it working. Your internet leads will tell you they found you on Google. You'll see yourself in the search engines when you search for things your customer would and you will see it in action first hand.

Search Engine Optimization is the gift that just keeps on giving

Compared to every other marketing method out there, getting found in an organic search by your customers is 100% intent driven marketing. Leads convert better from organic searches and typically cost less to acquire than every other marketing channel. The dividends that strong search engine optimization can offer are quantifiable the very first year. The ROI from SEO is enormous in comparison to advertising on Facebook, Google Pay-Per-Click, and even Email Marketing.

Companies That Don't Focus On Their SEO Are Leaving Money On The Table

Over 50% of the web traffic an average website receives is through Google search. The average website has not been optimized for search. We're not talking small businesses here, we're talking about multi million dollar companies that have no idea what they look like in search and how much they're leaving on the table by not focusing on improving that. It's vital that your business have an effective search presence that delivers web traffic, leads and sales. If your business is struggling with a website that's traffic is not delivering, please contact us - we'd be happy to consult with you and find out how we can help.


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