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How We Generate Low Cost Leads With Text Message Campaigns

Recently we proposed a text message campaign for one of our clients. They wanted a better way to reach their existing list of customers and keep them aware of updates in their menu. We'd already been running Eblasts for quite some time to great success, so we convinced them to give text message marketing a try.

We proposed a pilot budget to start with so that we can put a data model together on cost-per-lead, efficacy, and gauge feedback from customers we contacted.

We started with a modest budget of $70.00 per month and used Textedly as our SMS Marketing platform. Textedly is a great source for markerters who want an effective way of reaching their customers via text message.

Textedly Features

  • Upload an opt-in list of customers or prospects

  • Configure an opt-in keyword for customers in campaigns

  • Configure campaigns with trackable landing page url's

  • Route replies directly to your phone

  • Manages your unsubscribers

  • Provides terrific reporting to demonstrate ROI

Watch Us Setup A Text Message Marketing Campaign

What Our Results Were

On our initial marketing campaign we sent out a mass text to 4,502 subscribers and had 21 conversions. The quick math that demonstrates that this marketing method is a winner is $70.00 / 21 conversions = $3.33 per conversion. Given, we only got 21 conversions out of the 4,502 subscribers but this was a text sent out to leads that opted in as well as past customers. Typically on a targeted send you can see conversion rates as high as 45% on a highly targeted texting campaign. Still at $3.33 per conversion we'll take that all day long. That's cheaper than Facebook, Google PPC, or Direct Mail. Only Email Marketing and SEO still beat this marketing method in dollar for dollar spent ROI in terms of marketing investment.

Want Us To Run a Test Message Campaign For You?

We understand you have a business to run and that some of this may seem a bit technical. We're here to help you setup and configure your text messaging campaign.

Text Message Campaign Marketing Package


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