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How Do I Get More Likes & Followers To My Facebook Business Page?

One of the easiest things that businesses can do to generate more likes and followers is to invite people who have liked their content to like their Facebook Page. What is seldom known is that Facebook offers advertisers insights as to who engaged with your content and their reaction to it. In addition, they also offer markerters tools that allow them to turn those reactions into followers. Check out this great tip you can use a part of your social media marketing strategy.

Use This Easy Tip To Generate Free Likes & Followers To Your Facebook Business Page
Use This Easy Tip To Generate Free Likes & Followers To Your Facebook Business Page

Free Tool To Generate Facebook Likes & Followers That 90% Of Marketers Don't Know Even Exists

One frequently overlooked self marketing method for generating Facebook likes and followers that allows you to capitalize on your audiences reaction to your content. Simply by looking at who liked your content, you are then given the opportunity to invite those people to like your page. We advise you to follow up on how your advertisements and boosted posts are performing throughout the day and then take advantage of the like invitation tool Facebook offers.

Watch this step by step video where Marianne Trusty demonstrates her method of generating Facebook Page likes from people who've reacted to content.

Facebook Advertisers Can Stack The Odds In Their Favor By Studying The Audience Reaction's To Their Content

Facebook reactions offer your audience the ability to respond on how they felt about your post. Skim your audience reactions and make certain to invite people who have expressed a positive reaction, to like your post. Odds are that the content will still be fresh in their minds and that you will convert that invitation into a brand new follower.

The Early Bird Gets The Worm When It Comes To Getting Likes

Timeliness plays a big factor so sending someone an invitation to like your page a month after you posted your content will be less effective than if you followed up the same day, or better yet, within hours. It's important that if you're actively spending money boosting Facebook posts or spending money on Facebook advertising that you incorporate this strategy into your Facebook marketing plan. This strategy is a simple method to help you grow your Facebook audience without spending a dime.

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